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From The Desk Of: Ken Sar
Date: October 18, 2019

Dear Internet Marketer,

One of the biggest stumbling blocks you're running up against while trying to make money online is likely product creation. Not only is it time consuming, but it can also be costly, requiring an investment of $1,000-10,000 before a single penny is made in sales.

The only thing most people ever hope to accomplish is spending their time marketing other people's products, only to make 25-50% in commissions, while the product owner is the one making a killing, while sitting back and letting us—their affiliates—do all the work!

Talk about buzz kill!

Fortunately, the solution to this all-too-common problem was obtaining resale rights to the products. That means you can sell those products on your own site and kept 100% of the profits, so it's as though you created the product yourself. In fact, with Private Label Rights products (a type of resale rights product), you can even place your name on the product as the creator!

But, as great a solution as this has been for some people, there are still many left out in the cold because they don't know how to publish a sales website: how to customize the site, how to integrate the site with a payment processor, how to secure a hosting provider and upload their new site to the server, or how to automate order fulfillment. There are just too many things that people without technical expertise simply don't know how to do.

This has prevented the average Joe from tapping into the unlimited profit potential of resale rights products...UNTIL NOW!

You're about to gain unrestricted access to Push Button eBiz, the only system anywhere that allows you to quickly and easily publish the sales sites included with every one of our products, with absolutely no knowledge of HTML required (not to mention no need for a hosting provider).

Here's a run down of the benefits you're moments away from having access to:

  • Collection of Products with Resale Right Or PLR, With New Products Added Frequently.
  • Product Categorization So You Can Quickly Find The Types of Products You Want.
  • A Range of Product Types (including eBooks, reports, audio, video, and others).
  • Sales Websites Included With Each and Every Product.
  • Customize & Publish As Many Sales Sites As You Wish, With the Click A Button.
  • Hosting For All Your PBeB-Published Sites.
  • Easily Integrate Your Sales Sites With PayPal or AlertPay.
  • All Sales Paid Directly To Your PayPal or AlertPay Account.
  • Automated Order Fulfillment.
  • The best part is you don't have to purchase any resale right products. We Provide them all
  • PLUS... you will also get unique products that we develop ourself and cannot be found anywhere else. Yes, we do develop our own products as well and we seldom release any resale right to those products... We keep it for YOU at PBeB!

Here's a preview of how simple it is to publish a product sales website through PBeB...

Sounds great, but what's all this going to cost me every month?

For the first 50 members who join this exclusive new push-button automated business can be secured for a monthly fee of just $97

Think that is expensive? You Cannot afford it? Well, think again!

You DO NOT buy any product - You don't even buy a single product with RR/PLR... In fact, some of the product with PLR, might even cost $97 by itself. Usually, 1 product with RR would range from $27 to $67
You DO NOT Need Hosting - You don't need any hosting at all. We take care of all that for you automatically.
You DO NOT do the tedious task - You don't have to upload or download anything. Simply edit the salespage and save it. We handle all the download and fulfillment.
You DO NOT require "Experience" - You can profit from our system even if you are a complete beginner.

If you were to go out and buying those products with resale right and then set it up yourself, surely it will cost you more that $97 per month.

But we want you to profit from PBeB system as quickly as, and as possibly as you join. So, you are not going to pay $97 per month for now....

Join PBeB today and you will be only paying $47 Per Month

And your monthly fee is guaranteed to never increase so long as you keep your membership active.

Still think $47 a month is expensive? Well, You have a choice. You can do this your own. And we highly encourage you to try it out. Try to purchase 10 resale right products and set it up yourself. See how tedious and how much time and money you spend on it. It will definitely be more than the price you pay for this membership right now. We knew it because we did that ourselves.

Don't have $47 right now?

Well, be one of the first 50! Yes, we are running a very limited quantity offer!

First 50 Customers CAN JOIN PBeB for JUST a small monthly payment of $17

That's right! For a low monthly fee of of $17, you'll gain immediate access to this system, where new RR/PLR products are added. This includes hosting for every RR/PLR product you choose to publish through PBeB!

Be On Notice: The system is programmed to automatically change the monthly membership fee from $17 to $47/month once the first 50 members joined! Get in now before this price increase takes place!


Terms of Use - Submission of payment indicates acceptance of these Terms of Use.

Limited Special Offer!

First 50 Customers, Get In At $17/Month

Remember, first 50 members get in at the lowest price ever!

It's time to join a site that works for you, and Push Button eBiz is that site!

I'll see you inside,
Ken Sar, PBeB Admin


P.S. We will pick high quality and in demand products to add to this membership where you can resale it. So, please don't expect us to have products every day. But we can assure you that we will continue to add more quality products and guarantee it is worth the price of your admission. In fact, just to download those products for your own use is worth at least x2 the price of this membership.